Mark Cuban BANNED By Fox News After He Speaks The TRUTH During Interview, Is He Right? (VIDEO)

Billionaire Mark Cuban appeared on Fox News where he told host Neil Cavuto some hard truths about Donald Trump, and how Hillary Clinton should handle him during the debates. He said that Trump actually has no substance whatsoever, and this was NOT what Fox wanted to hear.

Cuban said, “Donald has done a great job of setting the agenda for the media. The guy is a master of headline porn. You know, you just want to deal with the headlines and not look what’s underneath it.”

Cuban continued, “And there’s nobody better at it than him. But that’s not what I look for when it comes to deciding who I want to vote for for president. At some point, somebody has to govern. At some point, he would have to understand policy. At some point he would have to get into details. And he just has not shown a talent for doing any of those things.”

Then Cuban went on a tirade, saying:

“He’s just going to throw jabs, trying to keep her on the defensive. She’s got to smile. Literally every time he says something stupid, she’s got to smile because that’s what will drive him crazy. He goes nuts when somebody thinks he isn’t smart. There is a reason why he always mentions where he went to school–to have his ego stroked. He doesn’t have confidence in his own intellectual ability apparently, and so when you question that, even with a subtle smile, a little giggle, a little shake your head, he will go nuts. That’s what I would tell her to do.”

“I know you guys have tried to reassert him back to the topic often, but I would get to the heart of the matter. ‘Do you understand this question? And then I would ask a follow-up question: ‘Do you know where Aleppo is? Do you know what the issues are? Do you know what’s the history of this city and the conflict?’”

“If you stay with it, he will crumble. But the problem is, everybody gets to the point where you get frustrated. You have a script or a schedule to follow. And that makes it difficult for you to just keep banging on him. But that is what it’s going to take.”


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