JUST IN: Trump Divorce Documents Uncover EXPLOSIVE New Facts, Proof Trump Is UNELECTABLE

It appears Donald Trump is going to extreme measures to keep his divorce documents with Ivana Trump concealed.

The Daily News has sought to open the divorce file, however, many of the court papers have gone missing.

The documents that were available showed that Trump was abusive to Ivana. The dusty documents stored in a box in the clerk’s office of Manhattan Supreme Court contain allegations that Trump “verbally abused and demeaned” his ex-wife. Ivana alleged that he “lied” and that his treatment of her was “cruel and inhuman.”

In the end, it was “unsafe or improper for them to be married,” the papers charge.

But over 100 pages of documents in the case filed in 1990 — including key portions of a sworn deposition from Ivana — are missing.

Per the Daily News:

In making her case, Ivana alleged Donald had used numerous dirty tricks against her to keep money in his pockets.

Ivana described her shock when she realized Trump, whom she married in 1977, had slipped in a clause in their pre-nup declaring that any gifts Donald gave to her during their marriage, like “furs and cars,” would be returned in the event of their divorce, papers show.

“I remember the part about the gifts. I had been very hurt. I had been confused by it. … I didn’t understand the whole concept, why I’m returning the gifts which are going to be acquired by my husband and given to me during our marriage,” Ivana said in a deposition.

What a sleaze!

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