Hillary Clinton Drops TRUMP BOMB During Philly Speech, And It’s PERFECT! (VIDEO)

It’s been a rough few weeks. We had Hillary Clinton’s illness, dropping poll numbers, and now the potential terror attacks in New York and New Jersey. It is all very depressing, and Hillary Clinton agrees.

On Monday at a rally held at Temple University in Philadelphia, Hillary said that the 2016 presidential election “can be downright depressing.”

Clinton said, “This election, in particular, can be downright depressing sometimes. We also need strong, principled leaders who can win votes, write laws, allocate resources, and do the slow, hard business of governing.”

Clinton added that this election cycle is not only depressing, but she also thinks “politics can be discouraging.”

Clinton was speaking at Temple University as part of a new outreach effort to millennial voters. She told the largely millennial audience that this election is important for both the country and the world as a whole.

“But, it matters,” Clinton said. “It really does. It matters for our families, our communities, and our country, and the world.”

What do you think, is this election becoming depressing? Are you worried?

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