NEWS ALERT: Ivanka Trump Assigned HUGE New Role On Trump’s Campaign [DETAILS]

Okay. For the most part I don’t have any issues with Ivanka Trump. I think she is a very intelligent woman, and she seems to be quite likable as well. And it’s been said she is the favorite of Donald Trump’s children, and she is one of his strongest confidantes.

But now it seems she is taking on a huge new role in her father’s campaign and quite frankly, I am not sure how to feel about it.

First, the United States Secret Service has begun protecting Ivanka as of Monday morning, following a weekend of explosions and attempted plots in New York City and New Jersey. It is unclear if there was a specific threat against Donald Trump’s eldest daughter that led agents to begin tailing her, or if the measure was purely precautionary.

Second, Ivanka met with Paul Ryan privately on Monday, a meeting that was at her request.

Ryan and Donald Trump have had a strained relationship since Trump emerged as the Republican presidential nominee back in May. Ryan waited weeks before endorsing Trump and has continued to criticize him, including last week when Ryan called for Trump to release his taxes.

The details of the meeting have not been made public, but I think it is fair to guess that Ivanka is seeking more support from the House Speaker.

Neither Trump’s campaign nor Ryan’s office immediately responded to a request for comment on the meeting Monday in New York, or what was on the agenda for the discussion.

Do you think Ivanka is qualified to running so much of her father’s campaign? This time last year she was designing shoes, and now she is making decisions for the potential next president of the U.S.


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