Elizabeth Warren Puts Trump ON BLAST, Destroys Him On LIVE TV (WATCH)

I love me some Elizabeth Warren!

Senator Warren appeared on MSNBC Monday night with host Chris Hayes, and asked if Trump was “intimating violence” when he said at his Friday rally that Secret Service’s guns should be taken away “to see what happens to her.”

“What else do you think he means by, ‘Let the Secret Service lay down their arms?’” Warren asked. “For me, that’s not even a wink wink, nod nod. What kind of a human being are we talking about?”

That wasn’t the first time Trump has suggested her Secret Service agents “drop all weapons,” he made an almost identical remark at a rally in late August. He’s made these comments to blast against Clinton’s gun control policies and has claimed she wants to “destroy” Second Amendment rights, which she has repeatedly said she doesn’t.

Warren said, “Campaigns are a time of heated rhetoric, people can get excited, say things they don’t mean. Donald Trump has done this twice … ”

And this wasn’t Warren’s first attack…on Sunday in Cleveland, Warren targeted him for “inviting his followers to commit a terrible act of violence on his opponent,” charging only “a little bully who can’t win in a fair fight” would do such a thing.

Warren added that “Trump has led the charge on the “birther” movement and only when his handlers tied him down and made him did he finally admit that it wasn’t true.”

“What kind of a man does that? A man with a dark and ugly soul. A man that will never be president,” she said.


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