Clinton Campaign Releases Part Of Hillary’s Debate Strategy, And It Has Trump RUNNING SCARED (VIDEO)

The first presidential debate is coming up, and we cannot wait! Clinton and Trump head to head is sure to be one entertaining night.

But people are concerned…Trump excelled in most of his primary debates, and he definitely has more flash than Hillary. So how does Hillary plan to win? She plans on calling Trump out on his lies.

Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, appeared on CNN and told host Alisyn Camerota, “I think what’s concerning overall about Donald Trump is that, first of all, he doesn’t often tell the truth. So she’s going to have to spend some time probably correcting the record and making sure voters understand the facts.”

Mook continued, “She wants to make sure that when she gets to that debate that she will clearly lay out the plans that she has developed to make a difference in people’s lives. And all we’re asking is that Donald Trump do the same thing. I would hope that he goes to the drawing board and puts together some plans. As of right now, we haven’t seen real specifics. And we haven’t seen serious plans.”

Mook said the campaign has noticed that Trump is someone who is easily offended.

Mook concluded, “This is someone who can be triggered very quickly. He can get set off by a tweet. That is why I would argue he’s unfit and unprepared to have our nuclear codes and lead our men and women in uniform as commander in chief. You never know what’s going to set him off and she’s going to be prepared for whatever comes.”


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