Michelle Obama Appears On Stephen Colbert’s Show…Proceeds To RIP Melania Trump APART (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and hung out with the host in a blanket fort.

Colbert had some fun with the First Lady, saying, “Hey, Michelle, do you think fruits and vegetables have feelings?”

“Gosh, I hope not, I eat way too many of them,” she replied.

When she handed him a baby carrot, Colbert told her that “when you eat too many carrots you turn orange.” And “if you turn really orange, you have to start saying crazy things and run for president.” The satire was hardly as cutting as his segment on birtherism from the night before.

Asked by Colbert if she has any “sympathy” for the political spouses who have to stand by their partners no matter what during this election cycle, Michelle Obama said, “No, not really.” If she didn’t believe in her husband, she said she would have told him about it and couldn’t have supported his run. “So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are, too, standing with their spouses proudly,” she said. “So no sympathy.”

Colbert told the first lady that he had some “sympathy” for Melania Trump following the plagiarism scandal—though it didn’t stop him from presenting the best parody of her speech on late-night TV. Didn’t Obama feel for her at all?

“Yeah, that was tough,” the first lady said, barely cracking a sly smile.

“Let’s move on,” Colbert said in response.


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