Remember Donald Rumsfeld? What He’s Done Now Will ENRAGE You (VIDEO)

Remember Donald Rumsfeld? He was the former defense secretary under former president George W. Bush, a job he was recommended for by Bush’s war criminal vice president, Dick Cheney.

Well, on Thursday Rumsfeld appeared on MSNBC, and was asked about the elder George Bush, and his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. Rumsfeld dismissed George H.W. Bush’s possible backing of Hillary as a result of his old age.

Rumsfeld said, “He’s up in years.”

George H.W. Bush is 92…Rumsfeld is 84.

Rumsfeld continued…”He obviously comes from a totally different cut than Donald Trump.”

Over the weekend, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who is a former Maryland lieutenant governor and the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, posted a photo on her Facebook page that said she had met Bush 41 and he told her he would vote for Clinton. Bush’s team has declined to confirm or deny the post.

Rumsfeld also chimed in and said who he voting for. He said he was backing Trump over Clinton…despite Trump’s lack of military and political experience… because “truthfulness is important” and he doesn’t believe Clinton is honest.

“I think he’s not untruthful and I think she is,” he finished.


I am not saying Hillary Clinton has always been 100% honest…no politician is. But Trump? Honest? This is a man who would pretend to be someone else, and then call gossip columns to talk about himself.

Is this about voting along party lines, or just shear hatred of Hillary?

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