Marla Maples Finally Breaks Her Silence, Reveals DISTURBING Info About Trump [DETAILS]

Marla Maples was Donald Trump’s second wife, and after they got divorced, she somewhat disappeared to California with their daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Maples has almost always maintained a silence when it comes to Trump, most likely because of a legal contract that pays her to be quiet. She did speak up once, back in 1999, when Trump was deciding whether or not to run for president. Maples reportedly told the London Telegraph, “If he is really serious about being president and runs in the general election next year, I will not be silent… I will feel it is my duty as an American citizen to tell the people what he is really like.”

She now denies saying that quote.

But now she has sat down to an interview with the Daily Beast, and gave up a lot of new information, mostly about her daughter, Tiffany Trump. Mostly, that Tiffany doesn’t really know her father.

Maples said, “My daughter is back here wanting to get to know her dad and spend more time with him, and I have to really respect that and I do respect that in every way. I was fortunate enough to raise her in California really on my own.”

From the Daily Beast:

Maples is concerned by the lack of security afforded to Tiffany, even though Ivanka, Trump’s eldest daughter, this week received her own Secret Service detail. And she is sensitive to Tiffany’s concern that she comes off as the Jan Brady of the Trump family, the daughter Trump hardly knew until recently, when she was welcomed onto the campaign trail and gifted a Trump apartment on the East side for her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Of course, as a child, you want to be able to get to know your father better, too,” Maples said. “If her father ends up being there [the White House], I’m gonna make sure she’s really prepared with the issues that are important to her and have been important to me as a mom in raising her, that she will be an active part in pushing these things through.”

Does this surprise you? It almost makes me feel bad for Tiffany, as Trump seems to dote on his three oldest children, and very clearly favors Ivanka Trump. Although it’s hard feeling too bad for Tiffany…she did receive her own apartment in Trump Tower as a graduation gift!

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