NEWS ALERT: Hillary Clinton Receives Game Changing Endorsement, Trump Can’t Recover From THIS!

Yet another MAJOR endorsement, and this one is a doozy!

On Friday Hillary Clinton landed a major endorsement from a leading Ohio newspaper that hasn’t backed a Democrat for president in over 100 years!

The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board announced that it was backing Clinton over Donald Trump in a decision it said it “doesn’t take lightly.”

The editorial board wrote:

“This is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times. Our country needs calm, thoughtful leadership to deal with the challenges we face at home and abroad. We need a leader who will bring out the best in all Americans, not the worst. That’s why there is only one choice when we elect a president in November: Hillary Clinton.”

The editorial stated that both Trump and Clinton “have troubled relationships with truth and transparency.” But while Clinton has “a known commodity with a proven track record of governing,” Trump “is a clear and present danger to our country” and “has no history of governance.”

This particular paragraph about Trump is almost scary:

“We’ve condemned his childish insults; offensive remarks to women, Hispanics and African-Americans; and the way he has played on many Americans’ fears and prejudices to further himself politically. Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America. Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?”

The Enquirer’s endorsement of Clinton is the first time the newspaper has backed a Democrat since Woodrow Wilson, who won reelection in 1916, according to the board member.

Clinton has won other endorsements from papers that traditionally back GOP candidates. Earlier this month, The Dallas Morning News endorsed her, the first Democrat it has backed since before World War II.

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