Days Before The Debate, Hillary Clinton Leaks GAME CHANGING Report… IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING [READ THIS]

Here are two facts.

1. The first presidential debate is Monday.
2. Donald Trump lies all the time.

How are they related?

Well, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released 19 pages of Trump’s lies, all confirmed by Politifact. Trump will undoubtedly say one of these lies Monday night, and hopefully Lester Holt, the moderator, will call him out on it. In the release, HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said, “Debates are about each candidate laying out their vision for America, not making things up. Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies and hoping no one corrects him. Voters and viewers should keep track: any candidate who tells this many lies clearly can’t win the debate on the merits.”

The pages of lies go on and on. It’s actually quite remarkable to see it all in once place, and to see just how vast Trump’s lies are. But the campaign singled out Trump’s most brazen lies, calling them Trump’s 7 Deadly Lies:

1. FALSE: Trump opposed the Iraq War.
Washington Post: Trump: “I was totally against the war in Iraq.” // Four Pinocchios.

2. FALSE: Trump opposed intervention in Libya.
Factcheck.org: Donald Trump on Libya, May 20 interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”: I would have stayed out of Libya.” // False.

3. FALSE: Clinton supports open borders.
PolitiFact: Trump says Clinton wants to create ‘totally open borders.’ // False

4. FALSE: Clinton wants to get rid of the Second Amendment.
ABC News: “Claim: Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment” // False.

5. FALSE: President Obama and Clinton founded ISIS.
Washington Post: “Is Obama the founder of ISIS?” // Absolutely not.

6. FALSE: Clinton would allow 620,000 refugees into the U.S. with no vetting.
Washington Post: Trump: “This includes her plan to bring in 620,000 new refugees from Syria and that region over a short period of time.” // This is an “invented figure.”

7. FALSE: Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall.
NPR Fact Check: Trump: “And Mexico will pay for the wall. 100 percent.” // Mexican President “would not pay” for the wall.

This is a remarkable list, and you can read it in it’s entirety here.

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