JUST IN: Trump’s Campaign Desperately Tries To Reign Trump In Before The Big Debate…Forces Him To Do This…(VIDEO)

Yesterday Trump’s campaign invited Gennifer Flowers to Monday’s debate, and she accepted, but apparently that was just a way to unnerve the Clinton camp. Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Sunday morning that the campaign has not “formally” invited Gennifer Flowers to attend.

After the Hillary Clinton campaign said Mark Cuban will be attending the debate tomorrow, Trump tweeted that he could counter by inviting the woman who had an affair years ago with Bill Clinton.

Conway said she can’t confirm Flowers will be at the debate (even though Flowers said she would) and told Jake Tapper she hasn’t been formally invited.

She clarified that they don’t “expect her” to be there.

Conway also swiped at the Clinton campaign for getting “easily provoked” by this. Tapper pointed out that Trump was the one who threw out this suggestion in response to the Mark Cuban invite.


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