New Poll Released The Eve Before The First Presidential Debate – Nobody Expected These Results [DETAILS]

Monday night is the big show…the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

An unbelievable 74% of Americans plan to watch the debate. And while eight in 10 say it won’t change their minds, that leaves more than enough to shift the balance in an increasingly closely fought contest, with unprecedented levels of qualms about both major-party candidates.

In all, 44% of likely voters say they’d vote for Trump if the election were today, numerically his best since spring. 46% prefer Clinton, unchanged from an ABC/Post poll early this month and virtually unchanged since June. The 2-point gap between them is not significant, given the survey’s margin of sampling error. The race has closed from an 8-point Clinton lead in early August.

Trump, in particular, is running competitively despite persistent doubts. Around six in 10 Americans continue to see him as unqualified, untrustworthy, temperamentally unsuited or insufficiently knowledgeable of world affairs to serve effectively as president. Yet he’s capitalizing on strength in his core support groups and on Clinton’s own weaknesses, including concerns about her health.

People, the key here is voting. Every single democrat must vote. When democrats stay home, republicans win. And we are know for this. Don’t assume Hillary will win. Get out there an vote. Help other who might need a ride to the voting booth, etc.




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