NEWS ALERT: George W. Bush Makes HUGE Announcement (VIDEO)

I find it hard to believe I am saying this, but I am starting to like George W. Bush.

On Saturday, both former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama attended the opening of a new African-American history museum on the National Mall.

The event united Bush, who signed the law creating the museum in 2003, and President Obama, who won the presidency by repudiating much of Bush’s legacy. Since leaving office Bush has mostly kept out of the public eye, occasionally resurfacing to fundraise for Senate Republicans or promote his art. On Saturday, though, Bush appeared alongside Obama to highlight the importance of the museum.

Bush said:

“I hope all of my fellow Americans come and look at this place. It is fabulous. The galleries celebrate not only African-American equality, but African-American greatness.”

Bush continued:

“A great nation does not hide its history; it faces its flaws and corrects them. In a society governed by the people, no wrong lasts forever. After struggle and sacrifice, the American people, acting through the most democratic of means, amended the Constitution that originally treated slaves as three-fifths of a person to guarantee equal protection of the laws.”

“Even today, the journey toward justice is still not complete but this museum will inspire us to go farther and get there faster. The lesson of this museum is that all Americans share a past and a future [and] by staying true to our principles, righting injustice, and encouraging the empowerment of all we will be an even greater nation for generations to come.”

It seems like Bush has changed. It is often assumed that it was Dick Cheney pulling all the strings in Bush’s White House, and that is probably true. Maybe Bush wasn’t the bad guy after all.

What are you thoughts?


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