White Loan Officer Tweets Racist Comment About Michelle Obama and Here’s What Happened to Her

A female loan officer from Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently learned what can truly happen when you try to attack First Lady Michelle Obama.

When the FLOTUS delivered her remarkable speech at the Democratic National Convention many took to Twitter to not only speak admirably about the speech itself, but also about how beautiful and classy the first lady appeared.

However, Lisa Greenwood, a loan officer for Home Point Financial, decided to tweet her own racist opinion.

“FLOTUS beautiful??? Seriously she is an ugly black bitch,” Greenwood tweeted.

Immediately, commenters not only made Greenwood aware that her comments were uncalled for, but they tagged the financial institution that employed her.

So many people shared the racist comment made by the woman that Home Point Financial took swift action (it took less than 24 hours) and fired her. The company released a full statement that read:

First of all, Michelle Obama may be one of the most beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and charismatic first ladies in history. Second of all, shame on you Lisa Greenwood for attacking the first lady in such a classless way. And let this be a lesson to us all, a remark against the Obamas is a remark against us all.

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