Hours Before The Debate, The Washington Post Releases A BRUTAL Takedown Of Trump That Is BLOWING UP The Internet [READ THIS]

The first presidential debate is tonight, and the stakes are just about as big as they can get. A huge double standard exists…Hillary Clinton must do exceptionally well to be considered a winner, whereas all Donald Trump has to do is show up, and not scream or call Clinton a fat b*tch.

The Washington Post knows this, and they are p*ssed.

They are particularly upset that Trump purportedly invited Gennifer Flowers to the debate, the women Bill Clinton had an affair with back in 1977.

The Washington Post said:

But here we are, yet again, in a place where Donald Trump thought that the proper response to Cuban’s criticisms of Trump’s business success and dishonesty about Trump’s charitable giving, was to remind the world that Hillary Clinton’s husband cheated on her.

In a sane world, we’d recognize that one of these things is manifestly not like the other. Trump is responsible for his falsified reputation as a businessman and his failures to follow through on his charitable pledges. Bill Clinton’s inability to control himself is his problem, not a failing of Hillary Clinton’s making. And in that universe, it might have seemed particularly foolish or hypocritical of Trump to draw attention to the difficulties in the Clintons’ marriage, which has survived, given that his own unions have not.

And they are 100% correct. It is absurd that Trump would even consider pulling such a low blow. Flowers adds absolutely nothing to the debate. Does Trump actually believe that Clinton would be swayed by that? If so, he doesn’t know Hillary very well.

The Post continued:

And in a way, the fact that the Clintons stayed together while Trump has twice divorced and remarried actually bolsters Trump’s brand. He traded up, while the Clintons — those suckers — stayed together. Calling attention to Bill Clinton’s adultery is a way to ridicule him for staying and to mock Hillary Clinton as a woman who could keep her husband legally married to her, but not compel his fidelity.

Again, we agree. Keeping a marriage takes work…hard work. Work that Trump was never willing to do.

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