Donald Trump Lost His Cool At The Debate…And It Was Because Of This ONE Thing Hillary Did (VIDEO)

Oh, what a debate!

The consensus is that Hillary won…easily.

It didn’t begin that way. Trump started somewhat strong. He impugned Hillary Clinton as a member of the NAFTA-loving, job-outsourcing status quo.

But then Trump quickly fell apart, reverting to the doom-and-gloom, unspecific, inarticulate nominee everyone said he wouldn’t be. And all it took to unravel him was Clinton referring to him as “Donald.” His own first name, but a moniker not even his closest staff members call him. His own beloved son-in-law reportedly calls him “Mr. Trump.” And so Clinton came on stage with a strategy that was carefully crafted to unnerve him from the get-go.

When Hillary walked on stage, she said, “How are you, Donald,” as she shook his hand. He could barely make eye contact with her.

After her first answer, Hillary said, “Donald, it’s good to be with you.” Trump barely was able to squeak out a smile.

Then about 15 minutes in, Hillary said, “The kind of plan that Donald has put forth would be trickle-down economics all over again.”

That’s where he lost it, with the third Donald. He started butting in, talking over her. The eye rolls and head shakes and squinted eyes and pursed lips he perfected during the primary debates returned. Vox reported that he interrupted her 40 times in the first 26 minutes of the debate.

At times, he could barely control his temper. Twice, he groaned into the microphone as Hillary responded. He flashed her a big, huge eye roll when she delivered a not-so-subtle dig about taking the time to prepare for the debate. “WRONG!” he interjected several times.


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