The Newest Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton At The Debate Will INFURIATE You…And Then Make You Laugh

Hillary Clinton won the debate last night against Donald Trump…and I don’t think anyone but Trump’s most fervent supporters would deny that.

But of course there is that fringe…who is always looking for some insane reason that Hillary won.

Our latest conspiracy comes from our favorite lunatic, Alex Jones, who says that Hillary had a “device” on her body, and suggested it could be an instrument that sends impulses to the brain to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Or an earpiece. Or an anti-coughing machine.

Here is the apparent “device”:

Hillary's Device

Now, any reasonable person would realize that is simply transmitter pack of a lavalier microphone. Anyone watching the debate last night is aware both candidates were equipped with both a podium-mounted mic and a clip-on lav:

Hillary Mic


Trump supporters are TRULY a special lot.

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