UH OH! Was The Debate Too Much For Trump? Now He Is Considering Doing THIS!

Looks like Donald Trump is battling a bruised ego this morning, and if you know Trump’s ego, that’s A BIG BRUISE.

Now there are whispers he may not participate in the next two debates.

Trump surrogate and adviser Rudy Giuliani told reporters after the debate that Trump should skip the next two debates unless he gets special guarantees from the moderators.

Giuliani said that moderator Lester Holt should be “ashamed of himself,” after Holt tried to fact-check Trump on the constitutionality of stop-and-frisk and his claimed opposition to the Iraq War.

Giuliani said, “If I were Donald Trump I wouldn’t participate in another debate unless I was promised that the journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker. The moderator would have to promise that there would be a moderator and not a fact checker and in two particular cases an enormously ignorant, completely misinformed fact checker. If you wonder why Donald Trump thinks that the press is a left-wing basically oriented group, Lester Holt proved it tonight.”

So, do you think Trump will try to weasel himself out of the next two debates?

Let us know in the comments below!

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