Fox News BETRAYS Donald Trump, Makes HUGE Announcement That HUMILIATES Trump And His Campaign

There was only one clear winner at Monday night’s presidential debate, and that was Hillary Clinton.

However, Donald Trump claimed he was the winner, and cited online polls that put him ahead.

And Tuesday morning, many Fox Newsers reported that Trump won the debate, and again, cited the same online polls.

The problem is, these online polls are bunk, unscientific, and no one takes them seriously. And now Fox News agrees.

A Fox News executive blasted out a memo Tuesday instructing producers and political reporters at the cable channel to refrain from citing online polls because they “do not meet our editorial standards.”

Business Insider obtained the memo, written by Fox Vice President of Public Opinion Research Dana Blanton, which reminds Fox News staffers that online polls are not representative of the electorate at large.

Several Fox News hosts cited those surveys…from websites like the Drudge Report and Time magazine…which showed that participants believed Trump defeated Clinton in the debate. On Tuesday night, after the memo went out, Trump fan Sean Hannity cited the online surveys during his show in the 10 p.m. hour.

Even Frank Luntz, a right leaning pollster, agreed.

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