The Day After The Debate, Hillary Clinton Lands HISTORICAL Republican Endorsement, Trump Is OVER!

Hillary Clinton is on a roll!

The Arizona Republic newspaper has never, in its 126-year history, endorsed a Democrat for president…not until Tuesday. The staunchly conservative editorial board of the red state daily stressed its “deep philosophical appreciation for conservative ideals and Republican principles” before it noted “this year is different” and declared its support for Hillary Clinton for president. “The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified,” the endorsement reads. “That’s why, for the first time in our history, the Arizona Republic will support a Democrat for president.”

The op-ed eviscerated Trump, and criticized his bigoted run for the presidency as showing “a stunning lack of human decency, empathy and respect” and for being “beneath our national dignity” before cataloguing its unprecedented support for Clinton.

From the Arizona Republic:

The challenges the United States faces domestically and internationally demand a steady hand, a cool head and the ability to think carefully before acting. Hillary Clinton understands this. Donald Trump does not. Clinton has the temperament and experience to be president. Donald Trump does not. Clinton knows how to compromise and to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective. She has a record of public service as First Lady, senator and secretary of state. She has withstood decades of scrutiny so intense it would wither most politicians. The vehemence of some of the anti-Clinton attacks strains credulity.

It is a FANTASTIC endorsement, and you can read it HERE.

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