First SCIENTIFIC Post-Debate Poll Released…Trump Makes Himself Looks Like A FOOL!

Donald Trump has asserted that he won the debate, because “online polls” said so.

Only problem, is online polls aren’t reliable at all.

But a real poll was just released, and the overwhelming winner was…HILLARY CLINTON.

A majority of likely voters (52%) who either watched the debate or said they followed debate coverage in the news said Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate on Monday night, according to the NBC News/SurveyMonkey Debate Reaction Poll.

Just 21% of likely voters thought Donald Trump won the debate, and 26% said neither candidate won the debate.


The first face-off of the 2016 presidential election cycle broke debate viewership records and about three-quarters of respondents said they watched the debate live. Though voters agreed Clinton was the clear victor, a majority of voters overall said their opinions of either candidate did not change as a result of the debate.

Clinton, however, seemed to boost her image among her own party as a result of her performance — 50 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaners said their opinion of her changed for the better as a result of Monday night’s debate.


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