Post-Debate Battleground States Poll Released…Shows HUGE Shift, Trump Accusing Them Of Being FAKE!!

Boom goes the dynamite!

Hillary Clinton took the lead in five key battleground states following the first presidential debate, giving her a solid boost with just over five weeks until Election Day.

Voters in the five states — Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia — also declared Clinton the winner of the much-anticipated slugfest with Donald Trump, according to Public Policy Polling.

“Clinton has solid leads in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia — states seen as important to her path to 270 electoral votes — and modest leads in Florida and North Carolina, where wins would be indicative of a dominant overall victory in the Electoral College,” said pollster Tom Jensen.

“If these results hold up, Donald Trump has no path to victory.”

Are those not the most beautiful words you have ever read?

Of course Trump says the media is swaying the polls, and is still referring back to the online polls from the night of the debate…which were inaccurate, and proven so by every network, including Fox News.

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