Republican Mayor Posts Racist Image On Facebook Calling The Obama’s APES…Here Is What’s Happening To Him [IMAGES]


The mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, Mayor Charles Wasko, has posted several racist memes and images against President and Mrs. Obama, and now city council members are now backing away from him because of his online presence.

“I almost don’t know what to say,” council president Shawn Mauck, a Democrat, told The York Dispatch in a Thursday report. “I kind of want to throw up.”

One photo Wasko published was a photo of a group of orangutans in a wheelbarrow, with the heading, “Awww…moving day at the White House has finally arrived”. To which Wasko comments, “Not soon enough!”.


One February post featured a picture of a smiling Chimpanzee. He wrote, “Most think it is Obama’s picture……sorry its Moochelles baby photo.”

A February post also showed a movie screengrab of Clint Eastwood with a noose. The text read, “Barry, this rope is for you. You wanna bring that empty chair over here?”


The York Dispatch was able to speak with four out of the seven council members on Wednesday. The officials want him gone: Mauck, Republican Shelley Metzler, Republican Mary Wagner, and Democrat Brian Wilson.

“I would punch him in the mouth if I could get away with it,” said Metzler, who is white.

Wilson said he will ask for the mayor’s resignation at the next council meeting on Monday.

According to The Dispatch on Thursday, Wasko said that he won’t be “politically correct, I will say what is on my mind and what I believe in.”

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