BREAKING: Days After the Debate, Trump Caught Saying Something that Has Hillary Fans Scared ‘SH*TLESS’

Donald Trump gave an interview to the New York Times Friday night that has a lot of democrats worried.

Trump is going for a full blown attack on Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions, and says he’s going to put the Clintons’ relationship at the center of his political argument for the rest of the campaign.

Per the New York Times, “Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics. Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. I think it’s a serious problem for them, and it’s something that I’m considering talking about more in the near future.”

And what of Trump’s own cheating past? He says infidelity was “never a problem” during his three marriages, though his first ended in an ugly divorce after Trump began a relationship with the woman who became his second wife.

Trump also says he’s “absolutely disgusted” that Hillary Clinton has allied herself politically with a Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, whom Mr. Trump had derided for gaining weight. Trump now asserts, without offering any evidence, that Machado once participated in a sex tape. And he’s encouraging Americans to watch it.

Part of me believes Hillary’s Alicia Machado play was a long con to bait Trump into doing the dumbest thing he could possibly do: attack Hillary for Bill’s infidelities, thus creating sympathy for her and opening his marital history up to scrutiny.

Where will this end? What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below!

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