Mark Cuban Is BANNED By Fox News After He Speaks The TRUTH About Trump During LIVE Interview, Is He Right? (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban is a REAL billionaire, and someone who has enjoyed getting under Donald Trump’s skin.

On Friday, Cuban appeared on Fox News, where he faced off with Trump fan Eric Bolling, and explained his past praise of The Donald.

He and Bolling first went back and forth a bit about the debate over whether Trump was rattled by Hillary Clinton placing him in the front row. Cuban said Trump was clearly off his game and dismissed complaints about the mic not working right (even though the debate commission said there was an issue).

Bolling asked Cuban why he’s so anti-Trump now despite praising him last year. Cuban said he was “excited” to have a candid outsider in the race, but realized early on that Trump “made no effort to learn” anything about anything.

Mark Cuban also predicted Trump will go bankrupt in 7 years if he loses, tweeting the following:


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