BOMBSHELL: Who Leaked Trump’s Tax Returns? This Is The Rumor, And If True, Will DEVASTATE The Trump Campaign

By now everyone knows that The New York Times got their hand on

Tiffany Trump rn pic.twitter.com/WO0wsuWgKe

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) October 2, 2016

“>Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns

, that showed he had a loss of almost a billion dollars in 1995, which would allow him to not pay ANY federal taxes for almost 20 years.

But here’s the thing…the reporter who broke the story, Susanne Craig, received the tax returns anonymously. She received them on Friday, September 23rd, and they were sent in a plain manila envelope, postmarked New York, NY, with a return address of The Trump Organization.

So, the tax returns came from his building, his company, someone in his own organization.

Who could it be?

Well, this is what the internet thinks:

Now, this is just a rumor of course. That said, it is known that Tiffany Trump is the outlier in the family, and has been desperately trying to become closer to her father.

Do you think Tiffany would do that?

If not, who do you think would?

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