BREAKING: Trump Campaign In CRISIS Mode, Trump Kids REVOLT [DETAILS]

It appears that Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump are none too happy about their father’s recent outbursts on the campaign trail, and are desperately trying to keep him on message.

NBC News has reported that Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric are incredibly concerned about the trajectory of his campaign. The kids, NBC’s Katy Tur reported, were starting to worry about the campaign’s adverse impact on the family business. After all, the people who support Trump can’t afford to stay in his hotels.

It didn’t take long for Trump to respond. On a three-state swing through Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, Trump grew irritated as he sat on his plane watching the report and others quoting anonymous advisers critical of his lack of debate preparation, according to an adviser. Soon, via a spokeswoman, emerged a pair of statements — one on behalf of Trump’s kids and the other a personal response from the candidate himself.

“They are happier than ever before, as they should be, given the success in the polls and in Monday’s debate,” the statement issued on the kids’ behalf read. Any suggestion to the contrary was “a fabricated lie,” the statement continued, adding that the Trump “business continues to be tremendously successful” and his assets “among the best in the world.”

Responding to Tur personally, Trump said, “Your sources, if they even exist, are probably sources that have been fired long ago and have no knowledge of what is happening in the campaign. Hard to be unhappy when we are doing so well.”

Although the campaign strongly denies it, those in and close to Trump World describe anything but a happy relationship between Trump and his adult children in recent days. A source close to the campaign, who declined to be named discussing the inner-workings of the operation, said the candidate’s children have been “frustrated” with their father for his lack of attention to debate preparations and struggle to stay disciplined, and at Trump’s senior staff who have been unable to control the candidate from giving in to his worst impulses on the campaign trail, including his increasingly personal attacks on Hillary Clinton and his unconstrained use of Twitter to settle personal scores.

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