JUST IN: Watergate Lawyer BLASTS Republicans, Clears Hillary Of Any Wrongdoing Over Emails [DETAILS]

An attorney famous for the Watergate scandal is coming to Hillary Clinton’s defense with regards to her email controversy.

John Dean was a former White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon from July 1970 until April 1973. Dean argues that members of Congress, specifically Republicans in this case, can say anything whether true or false because they are shielded by the United States Constitution’s “Speech and Debate Clause”.

On Verdict, Dean writes:

Endless efforts by congressional Republicans to foil or foul up Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency have hit a new low. The members of Congress involved cannot be sued for defamation, since they are protected by the “Speech and Debate Clause” of the Constitution, but the fact that they are not merely smearing the former secretary of state but are trying to send her to jail on phony charges of perjury and lying to Congress is beyond the pale of dirty politics. It is an abuse of power and their effort to criminalize politics could one-day blowback on them and result in their going to jail on bogus charges. They are employing a tactic that could undermine democracy, so it is appropriate to get the facts out.

Dean points out that the constant barrage of attacks will continue for Hillary, especially if she wins the White House. Ironically, that election could also mark the end of the chairmanships of the two most powerful men, Jason Chaffetz and Bob Goodlatte, stripping them of their power. Relegating them to “Ranking Members” of the loyal opposition, the Democrats.

Do you think Hillary Clinton’s email scandal will ever go away?

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