Donald Trump Makes Incredibly OFFENSIVE Remark About Barbara Bush, Proving He’s As Low As They Come

Back in 1999, Donald Trump’s future wife was a spry 26, and she did a risqué photo shoot on Trump’s private plane.

An article in the New York Daily News described her attire like this:

The shots, by New York photog Antoine Verglas, show Knauss cavorting on Trump’s private 727. In one, she’s lounging face-down on his bed wearing only diamond bracelets, a diamond necklace and black stilettos. Another photo finds her in the cockpit wearing a revealing “shirt,” made of what look like key-chains. Other photos show Knauss spilling out of an olive-lamé one-piece; Knauss descending the plane’s stairs in a silver thong and maribou jacket, and a bikini-clad Knauss standing on the plane’s wing, brandishing a silver pistol.

Trump really loved the shoot, saying:

She sure doesn’t look like Barbara Bush.

Nice guy, huh? And in 1999, he was considering running for president under the Reform Party. So, no filter then, no filter now.

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And for your memory, here are Melania’s famous photos:






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