HOLY SMOKES: Son Of Ronald Reagan Absolutely DESTROYS Trump In Glorious Interview [READ IT HERE]

First it was the son of Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr., who lashed out against Donald Trump. Now, Michael Reagan, the son of Ronald Reagan, is doing the same.

Michael Reagan voiced his disdain for Donald Trump on Monday in a series of tweets after Trump accused Hillary Clinton of cheating on her husband.

‘No way do I or would my father support this garbage,’ wrote Michael on Twitter just two days after Trump said he did not believe that Clinton was loyal to her husband during a rally in Pennsylvania.

Reagan then added, “Jane Wyman was my mother but I can tell u that Nancy would vote for Hillary and was appalled to hear people say he reminds them of RR.”

Michael then closed out his flurry of tweets with a message to members of the Republican party, stating: ‘I think I think more about this country then u kool-aid drinkers..Vote for Trump if you will but stop comparing him to my father..not close.’

What do you think. Would Ronald Reagan have voted for Trump? Would Reagan be ashamed Trump is running as Reagan-esque?

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