JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Sends The Ultimate F*CK YOU To Trump…Trump’s Campaign SPEECHLESS

Hillary Clinton will not let Donald Trump off the hook for not releasing his tax returns…nor should she. Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has broken decades of tradition of both sides of the aisle.

On Monday, Hillary vowed that if (when) she becomes president, Trump will be the first and last major party nominee to keep his taxes largely under wraps. Hillary said, “If I’m fortunate enough to be president, we’re going to pass a law requiring anybody who is a nominee of a major, national party to have to release their taxes.”

In fact, Democrats on Capitol Hill already have such a bill. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon introduced the Presidential Tax Transparency Act in May, which requires a nominee of a major political party to file their three most recent tax returns with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump has said that he cannot release his federal tax returns because of a routine and ongoing Internal Revenue Service audit. While experts have disputed whether such a review precludes him from releasing, Clinton has said that Trump should release any returns not covered by an audit.

On Saturday The New York Times published a blockbuster report featuring snippets of Trump’s 1995 return that showed losses of $916 million that year, which may have allowed him to avoid paying personal income tax for up to 18 years.

Trump and his surrogates have said that if the real estate mogul did not pay taxes it’s another sign that the New Yorker is a business “genius.”

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