BREAKING: Trump Campaign In Turmoil As It’s Revealed There’s A SNITCH Within The Campaign [VIDEO]

Looks like things are falling apart at the Trump Campaign HQ!

Trump ally Roger Stone said that Trump’s campaign is out of joint, and someone in the campaign might be responsible for leaking Trump’s 1995 tax returns. Speaking Tuesday on Boston Herald Radio, Stone, the former Trump campaign advisor, explained his theories about the leaked returns, which ended up in mailboxes belonging to reporters at the New York Times and New York Daily News.

Stone said the leak might have come from “Somebody who worked at The Trump Organization, perhaps. Or perhaps a former employee. But I would just be speculating.”

He added later: “Well there’s a lot of fighting and I would say in-fighting and jockeying inside the current Trump campaign. It’s not nearly as smoothly operating as it was during the time that Paul Manafort, a true professional, was running things.”

Stone was one of the very first major players to leave Trump’s campaign. Subsequently, campaign manager Corey Lewandowsk was ousted by Manafort, who was himself pushed out and replaced by Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon, whose official title is Chief Executive.

It should be noted that Stone is an enthusiastic advocate of exposing stolen documents when they come from the other side. He trumpeted the much hyped Wikileaks revelations, which turned out to be a non-event. Stone was confident that the leak would be the end of Clinton’s campaign.


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