WATCH: Eric Trump Has A MELTDOWN On Live TV During Interview About Donald Trump’s Taxes (VIDEO)

Eric Trump was interviewed following the vice-presidential debate, and boy was it a sh*t show.

Trump attempted to evade CNN reporter Dana Bash’s questions about Donald Trump’s income taxes, following news over the weekend that Trump lost $916,000,000 dollars in 1995, and that because of that loss, Trump would be immune from paying taxes for 18 years.

Regarding his not paying taxes, Trump said, “That makes me smart.”

When asked if he had seen his father’s tax returns, Eric Trump said:

“Of course, I’ve seen my father’s tax returns. My father pays a tremendous amount of tax. As a company, we pay a tremendous amount of tax. It goes so far beyond federal income taxes. How about real estate taxes? How about employment taxes? How about sales taxes? How about every other type of tax that goes into that? We pay a tremendous amount of tax as a company.”

Sounds like Eric likes the word TREMENDOUS!


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