BREAKING: Laura Bush Breaks Her Silence, Decides To Come Out For… (VIDEO)

Both George W. and Laura Bush have kept quiet during this election season, declining to endorse Donald Trump. Laura Bush has gone as far to hint she is voting for Hillary Clinton.

But now Laura Bush is becoming more public…and is hanging out with Michelle Obama.

Bush and Obama decided to share a stage to promote one of the most nonpartisan of issues — their work on behalf of military families — in their fourth event together in recent years.

It is no secret that the former and current first ladies are fond of each other. “I like this woman,” Obama has said of her predecessor.

The two attended an American University conference on the service of the nation’s first ladies, and Obama and Bush spoke and laughed as old friends do. They discussed their shared experiences worrying over military veterans and their families while their husbands serve as commander in chief, raising daughters and being part of the small club of presidential spouses.

If the event reflected a long-running mutual admiration between the two women, it also couldn’t help but draw attention to the Bushes’ decisions in this divisive political campaign. They are picking and choosing those with whom they want to be associated, and Laura Bush clearly likes the Obamas.

So, can we definitively say Laura Bush is voting for Hillary? I would say yes. George W. Bush? I bet he is as well…if for so other reason than the brutal insults Trump lobbed at Jeb Bush.

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