BREAKING: State Department About To Release Hillary’s Emails…Clinton Campaign SCRAMBLING [DETAILS]

Ugh, I will be so happy once this email scandal is behind us.

The State Department will release up to 350 pages of emails recovered by the FBI as part of their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server on Friday.

The release is the first of four large productions before Election Day, with more expected in the months after. That production schedule comes as the result of several Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by the conservative legal watchdog group Judicial Watch and VICE News journalist Jason Leopold, seeking information about the former secretary of State’s tenure in office.

However, there are indications that Friday’s release could be a snoozer since many of the messages scheduled for release are already in the public domain in some form.

Let’s hope there is nothing there to worry about…but knowing Republicans, they will pick apart every last word to and somehow manufacture a scandal. It just never ends.

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