Days Before The Next Debate, New Report Surfaces Exposing Trump’s Biggest Weakness – IT’S OVER

Donald Trump often tells the world that he is the best businessman that has ever done business. He acts like he built his business from nothing…when in fact, he was given millions from his rich developer father.

Well, guess who doesn’t think Trump is such a great businessman?

Fortune 100 CEO’s, that’s who.

Normally, Fortune 100 company CEO’s give money to Democrats and Republicans, but not a single one of them has given to the campaign of Donald Trump. According to analysis by The Wall Street Journal, 11 chief executives at Fortune 100 companies have donated to Hillary Clinton, but not a single one has given to Trump.

19 of them did donate to Trump’s former Republican rivals (including Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio), but Trump has not received much support from these other business leaders.

And just for perspective, these were the 2012 numbers:

In 2012, the top 100 CEOs donated a total of $142,000 to the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns. They also gave another $3.2 million to the candidates’ allied super PACs, which don’t cap contributions—much of which came from a single $3 million donation from Larry Ellison, then-CEO of Oracle Corp., to the pro-Romney super PAC.

So if Trump is so great for business…why are none of the top business leaders in the nation supporting him?

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