Bill Maher Absolutely DESTROYS Donald Trump And His “Grab ‘Em By The P*ssy” Remark (VIDEO)

Boy, who would’ve thought this Friday would be so exciting? So much for the Friday afternoon news dump!

On Friday night’s show, Bill Maher talked about the hurricane, and then veered to Trump’s videotape, saying, “However, with Donald Trump talking about women, it has been upgraded to a category five sh*tstorm.”

Laughing in disbelief Maher confessed, “Every week I say this, ‘This is really happening.’”

Maher quoted Trump’s comments about grabbing women by the p*ssy, “Grab them by the pussy?! Sounds like what Hillary did to Trump at the first debate,” he said to audience cheers.

The Sunday morning talk shows will be priceless according to Maher. The Trump surrogates are already trying to spin as much of it as they can and pivot back to Hillary Clinton, but it isn’t working out well for them.

Imitating a Trump surrogate, Maher said, “Look, George, people are tired of Washington politicians who won’t grab the voters by the p*ssy.” He concluded his show by saying that Mike Pence and Donald Trump are making sexual assault great again.


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