JUST IN: Conservatives Launch Horribly RACIST Attack Against Sasha And Malia Obama, This Is Why…

It’s tough being an Obama in the White House. Sadly, there is still a portion of our country that simply can’t handle that a black family lives in the White House, and they use every excuse to bash them.

News just broke that both Sasha and Malia Obama will be bridesmaids for Kristen Jarvis, Michelle Obama’s former assistant. Jarvis is marrying President Obama’s former Secret Service agent, Shaun West.

A happy occasion right?? And it’s wonderful the Obama girls get to be involved in the wedding of two people so close to their parents.

But alas, conservatives didn’t see it that way. They were furious Malia and Sasha were going to be bridesmaids, and unleashed a fury of racist messages online.

Take a look:


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