BREAKING: Mike Pence Cancelling ALL EVENTS … Getting Cold Feet [DETAILS]

Is Mike Pence unhappy with Trump’s performance at the debate? Is Pence upset that Trump totally contradicted him on Syria?

Well, after dropping out of an event in Wisconsin that was scheduled for Saturday, Pence has now dropped out of an event planned for tomorrow in New Jersey, according to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

The first event cancelation came after his running mate Donald Trump had very lewd audio from 2005 leaked on Friday. What was recorded and leaked showed Trump talking about grabbing women by their private parts and kissing them without consent. Pence stated he was “offended” by the comments.

Rumors swirled that he may be considering dropping from the Trump ticket but that a positive debate performance from the GOP nominee tonight would keep him on-board. Earlier this evening, he tweeted congratulations to Trump after the second debate of the general election ended, seemingly signaling that he thought it had gone well:

And this reply was perfect:

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