BREAKING: PAUL RYAN IS OUT – Additional GOP’ers Planning To Jump Ship [DETAILS]


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told House Republicans on a conference call Monday morning that he’s done defending Donald Trump and will focus on maintaining his party’s increasingly imperiled House majority, according to sources on the call.

The message amounted to a concession by the highest-ranking elected Republican that his nominee for president can’t win — and lawmakers should save themselves and the Republican-controlled Congress to act as a check on Hillary Clinton.

Paul Ryan basically just said he knows that Hillary Clinton will win in November…and that it is time for him, and other Republicans, to work to save their own seats in Congress.

Ryan stopped short of formally rescinding his endorsement of Trump — but just short. His move carries immense risk, and Ryan faced blowback from all sides: Trump and his surrogates warned Republican leaders they would pay a price for breaking from the nominee; some rank-and-file Republicans warned the strategy was a mistake; and immediately after the call, Hillary Clinton tweeted to her nearly 10 million followers that “Ryan is still endorsing Trump.”

Of course Trump responded via Twitter:

So, does Ryan’s announcement mean the election is all but over???

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