BREAKING: One Of Trump’s CLOSEST Confidants Is About To Jump Ship … Without His Support, Trump Is OVER [DETAILS]

This is going to be really hard to believe…but it appears New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might have some morals. (I know, right?)

On Tuesday, Chris Christie broke his silence on Donald Trump’s latest scandal when he appeared on sports radio program Boomer & Carton.

Christie said, “I’m still supporting Donald. I’m really upset about what I heard, but in the end this election is about bigger issues.”

During the show, Christie admitted that Trump’s lewd remarks, obtained in a video recording by The Washington Post, are not “immaterial” in deciding for whom to vote. He added, “I was really disturbed and embarrassed for him and his family.”

Christie said he was with Trump at the time the Post story published. “Let’s be really clear: It’s completely indefensible,” the New Jersey governor said. “I made that very clear to Donald.” Christie also noted that he doesn’t believe Trump’s video apology was “enough.”

However, Christie was NOT with Trump at Sunday night’s presidential debate, despite the fact that Christie was Trump’s debate coach, and was specifically preparing him for the town-hall style debate format.

Christie was also once considered the top candidate for Trump’s running mate, but apparently family strife wouldn’t permit that to happen.

Christie is not openly religious, but both him and his wife Mary Pat are Catholics, and maybe “grab ’em in the p*ssy” is just too much for him.


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