BREAKING: Donald Trump Recorded Discussing Mike Tyson’s Rape Conviction … Truly ABHORRENT! (VIDEO)

More tapes are coming out that demonstrate how Donald Trump really thinks of women…and this one is a doozy.

When boxing star Mike Tyson was convicted of rape in February 1992, Trump called the verdict a “travesty” in an interview with Howard Stern and said it was actually Tyson who was the subject of physical advances from women.

Trump vigorously and very publicly defended Tyson during his rape trial in early 1992, saying that Tyson should be allowed to pay off victim Desiree Washington with money from future boxing fights instead of serving time in prison. Speaking with “NBC Nightly News” on Feb. 21, 1992, he said Tyson was “railroaded in the case” and suggested the victim wasn’t a victim at all.

Trump also told “New York” magazine Tyson relayed to him that the victim “wanted it real bad.”

“It’s so sad because I’ve known Mike more or less from the beginning,” said Trump. “He started off having his first fights at my place and he’s had his biggest fights at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. He was so incredible and the last few years he’s just not been the same — number one he’s not been the same fighter, he’s not been the same man, he’s not been the same anything.”

“The truth is he’s been very loyal to me, he has most of his fights at my places,” added Trump. “He does best at my places in terms of his best fights and he’s been great and I just hate to see what’s happened to him. It’s a travesty, it’s a travesty.”
Trump also told Stern that he never saw Tyson touch a women inappropriately but that he did observe women groping Tyson.

“I’ve seen women going around touching him,” said Trump with a laugh. “He walks in a room and the women start grabbing him and grabbing his ass and grabbing anything else they can grab on him.”


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