NEWS ALERT: Hillary Clinton’s New Anti-Trump Ad Is BRUTAL, And Trump Is Threatening To Sue…

Once again, Hillary Clinton has released a new ad destroying Donald Trump.

I’ve always found that any politician who threatens to sue over ads he doesn’t like is a rank amateur with thin skin and who absolutely, positively had no understanding of libel and slander laws. They’re generally the sort of people who are accustomed to getting their way and intimidating people. If Trump wants to stay in politics (something I really doubt), he’s going to have to learn to focus and figure out which things to ignore. You can’t control what’s said about you — even if you think it’s unfair — and whining about it makes you look like a child. It’s an amateur move.

The best part, is that most of Hillary’s ads are simply using Trump’s OWN WORDS.

This one points out all of Pence’s lies at the debate Monday night.


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