JUST IN: Conservatives Are DESTROYING Anderson Cooper, Saying He Threw The Debate For Trump…Here Is Their Proof (VIDEO)


At Sunday night’s second presidential debate, moderator Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump if he ever committed sexual assault, based on the explosive audio clip discovered of him doing just that…describing sexual assault.

Trump lost the debate, just as he lost the first one.

But conservatives can’t handle that…so they do what conservatives do…deflect and blame someone else.

So, Trump’s absolute failure is CNN’s Cooper’s fault. He’s a hypocrite…didn’t you know?

Yes, once he attended a Madonna concert, and was brought on stage. Once on stage, he was “spanked”, and “ate a banana”, and therefore, has no right to discuss sexual assault.

Conservatives…gotta love ’em! (No you don’t).

Watch Anderson Cooper get down:

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