We would like to think this election is over.

Now, a leading forecaster is saying just that…and it’s in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Charlie Cook, the publisher of the “Cook Political Report”, tweeted the following:

Cook’s tweet read, “Take a close look at the new Fox News poll. This race is OVER.”


According to The Hill:

Asked by The Hill to explain what it was about the Oct. 13 Fox News poll that caused him to declare the race over, Cook said it was a number of factors. “Poll was devastating for Trump, from start to finish,” Cook said via email on Friday. “Trial heats, favorable/unfavorable, candidate attributes, trust on handling issues, role model for children — all horrific for Trump.”

The Fox News poll shows that support for Trump is quickly decreasing. Trump is down by 7 points among likely voters — 38 percent to Clinton’s 45 — and by the same margin among registered voters, when third party candidates are included. When the race is narrowed to the two major parties, Clinton leads Trump by 9 points — 48 percent to 39 — among registered voters.

The group that Trump is losing the quickest is educated suburban women. I guess they don’t want Trump “grabbing ’em by the p*ssy”.

But still…VOTE!!! Many people believe Trump is acting so crazy just HOPING that Democrats will stay home on election day…thinking it will be a sure win for Hillary. SO VOTE!

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