Bill Maher Absolutely DESTROYS Ann Coulter On LIVE TV After She Brutally Attacks Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

As usual, Bill Maher has been killing it this season. During his opening monologue on Friday’s show, he said GOP now stood for “Grab Our P*ssies”.

Then Maher faced off with Ann Coulter, and asked her what she thinks of Donald Trump’s current situation.

Coulter started off by dismissing all the sexual assault and groping allegations against Trump as ridiculous, saying it’s nowhere close to Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton. She added, “No one is voting for Donald Trump because of his character and personality.”

Maher then asked, “If a tape of Obama had come out at some point during his presidency where he said ‘Hey, Freddie give me a tic tac ’cause I’m thinking about kissing a woman I’ve never met’ would there be any kind of outcry on the right?”

Coulter then said that she wouldn’t believe anything said on a hot mic “if it’s right before an election.”

And the audience burst out into laughter…because we all know the answer to

They eventually got onto Coulter’s favorite issue, immigration, and Coulter basically said Hillary wants to bring in ALL THE REFUGEES, and that we better get prepared for more ISIS attacks, etc., etc.


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