Early voting has started in the ESSENTIAL swing state of Florida, and guess what!!??

Things are looking good for the democrats!

Approximately 311,000 Floridians have cast their absentee ballots by Friday morning, and the numbers are increasingly moving in favor of Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

From Politico:

Compared to the day before and this point four years ago, Democrats are catching up to Republicans in the number of voted absentee ballots — a part of the election that the Florida GOP used to own. But now, Republicans are ahead of Democrats by just 1.9 percentage points (about 42-40 percent), compared with a 3 percent advantage held Thursday by the GOP and a 3.9-point Republican advantage at this point relative to Election Day in 2012, state elections data shows.At the same time, the Florida Democratic Party is blowing away the Republican Party of Florida in submitting new voter-registration forms. Democrats have submitted 503,000 and Republicans fewer than 60,000 of the 2 million registration forms collected this year by about 700 third-party groups, according to the 2016 data posted online by the state Division of Elections.

A poll released Thursday showed Hillary leading Trump by six points in Florida. The poll, conducted by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative, showed Clinton leading Trump 49% to 43% among likely voters. Seven percent are still undecided.

In FAU’s August poll, Trump was leading Clinton 43% to 41%.


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