By now you know that Donald Trump has been accused by NUMEROUS women of sexual assault, and Trump has been denying every bit of it. Friday morning, the campaign said they would be releasing proof that these women are all lying.

Well, the Trump campaign released one tiny bit of “proof”, and it is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

The proof is apparently against Jessica Leeds, who has accused Trump of assaulting her on a plane in the 80’s. And the proof is a hand-written letter from a middle-aged British man who once made unprovable claims that he supplied kids for UK politicians’ sex parties.

Anthony Gilberthorpe claims that he was present on the same flight in which Trump allegedly groped Leeds in 1980 or 1981.
He denies Leeds’s claims that the businessman reached over and molested her ‘like an octopus’ – in fact, he told the NY Post, it was she who aggressively pursued Trump.

But Gilberthorpe has no evidence to back up his remarks other than his “good photographic memory.”

From The Post:

Gilberthorpe, 54, said he was sitting across the first class aisle from the couple and saw nothing inappropriate. Leeds was wearing a white pantsuit, he said, while Trump was wearing a suit and cuff-links, which he gave to his British flight companion.

Indeed, Gilberthorpe claimed, Leeds was “trying too hard” in her attempt to win Trump over.

“She wanted to marry him,” Gilberthorpe said of Leeds, who apparently made the confession when Trump excused himself and went to the bathroom.

There was no kissing, but the “shrill” Leeds was “very much in your face” with the real estate developer.

I like how this guy points out that she was “shrill”.

Sounds like someone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame, and once news broke of his sex scandal, Trump stopped using Gilberthorpe as “proof”.

How low will Trump go?

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