Bill Maher HUMILIATES Trump On LIVE TV, And Gives PETRIFYING Forecast If Trump LOSES (VIDEO)

Bill Maher regularly humiliates Donald Trump, and we love every minute of it.

That didn’t change Sunday morning when Maher was interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, where Maher said that Trump won’t be going away after the election.

When host Zakaria asked Maher what he thinks Trump will do if he loses. Maher said, “Not good things, I worry about that… He’s got his knuckle-draggers all riled up about the fact that this is a rigged election.”

He also warned about just how dangerous this kind of rhetoric is and made the following prediction:

“He’s got an army. Whats he gonna do with that army?… I think he’s gonna be the Che Guevara of deplorables. I think he’s gonna be a revolutionary out there. He’s gonna be a martyr to this loss… and I don’t know what they’re prepared to do. They’re already talking about things like Second Amendment solutions.”

Maher also said that he thinks Trump “always was a racist because he adores his father and that’s baked into the cake.”

And Maher isn’t wrong. Trump is now constantly telling his supporters that this will be a “rigged election”, and when Hillary wins, it will undermine her presidency.

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